Interested in Beautycounter products and want to receive some perks? You may want to consider joining as a Band of Beauty Member.

Members receive:

  • 15% product credit with every order
  • Free shipping on orders over $125
  • Special offers just for members
  • Free gift when you sign up and spend $75

The current gift is a full-sized Body Sugar Scrub ($49 value).

Membership is $29 for the year. You can register through the site before you check out.



Who it’s good for

1. You are interested in a few items, including the scrub. If you are considering buying a few products and the scrub is one of them, figure out if your other items equal $75 or more. If they do, it’s worth joining for $29 to get the $49 sugar scrub. Even if you never make another purchase, you got the scrub for 40% off.

2. You anticipate making 3 or more orders of $125+ over the course of a year. Since you save shipping (normally $9.95) on orders over $125, after 3 orders you will have broken even, but as a member you get the gift and the option of 15% product credit*.

3. You are enthusiastic about trying new Beautycounter products over the coming year. If you are like me, you have identified a few different products you are eager to try out. The products are investments, so stretching the purchases out over the year makes sense. If this is the case, there’s a good chance you could benefit from the 15% product credit option* and the free shipping for orders over $125.

*I say option of product credit since the product credit expires in 60 days from the previous purchase. If a member isn’t ready to make an order within 60 days, they can let the credit go but will still be eligible for free shipping on future orders over $125.