In summer 2017, my autoimmune health journey led me to discover the company Beautycounter, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. At times it meant carrying around their cleansing balm in my purse so I could tell friends about it – just because I wanted to share. That’s who I am. I love to share information, ideas and things.

So while I never imagined getting involved in selling personal care products, the more I learned about Beautycounter, their products and their mission, the more I felt compelled to join as a Consultant and share it with others.

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Why I Got Involved

I think it’s important to be transparent, so I want to share why I hold such a high regard for Beautycounter.

  1. The Products Work. First and foremost, their products work well for me. I have sensitive skin and have struggled at times to find the right skincare routine and make-up. And while not every product of theirs is right for me, most have worked really well, and I love that.
  2. Safer Skincare. Beautycounter adheres to a Never List of 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients they will never use, and they maintain high standards for sourcing. They test for heavy metals and will not put out any product that fails to meet their standards. And, every ingredient is listed online and on the packaging.
  3. Advocacy. As a certified B corporation, Beautycounter is committed to social responsibility, including actively lobbying Canadian and US governments for health and safety laws that protect all consumers. For example, the organization sent 100 consultants to D.C. in early March to meet with Senators regarding the Personal Care Products Safety Act. And on March 20th, they led a call to action to contact Members of Parliament in Canada and Member of Congress in the US to push for more health-protective laws.

If You are Curious

My goal is to share information about the company and what they offer – not to push or pressure anyone into trying a product just because I love it.

If you are at all curious, consider joining my mailing list. I will send out occasional emails with information about products and promotions, both by Beautycounter and those that I offer exclusively for mailing list members.

And of course, I encourage you to browse their site to see what they are all about.