The Green-Eyed Teacher

Lately, I've been paying more attention to my emotions while on social media. Particularly Instagram. As mentioned in my Digital Detox post, I have taken steps unfollow accounts that don't serve me. Accounts that would make me feel bad about myself and leave me feeling worse off. So while I have more carefully selected which … Continue reading


Purse Candy

Purse candy is the name I came up with to describe the phenomenon of finding a treat in my purse days or weeks after buying it, having completely forgotten about the purchase. Is it just me? I wanted to write about it since there is a lesson to be learned. But, that lesson only comes … Continue reading

woman's hands typing on smart phone

Digital Detox

I recently went on a short vacation. While I was away, it was a good time to reflect on my use of technology. Aside from obvious things, like finding restaurants or checking our flight status, I often found myself reaching for my phone or tablet to fill down time. But, since I was outside of … Continue reading