It’s About More than Food

I’ve been interested in health for a long time, but I started taking it more seriously when I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease (an autoimmune hyperthyroid disease) in 2016. I started reading about how environmental factors can lead to inflammation and disrupt our health.

And I’ll be honest, I would spend most of my time learning which foods to eat and avoid, and then I would skim quickly through the information about personal care products, household cleaners, and any other potentially problematic health offenders.

I Wasn’t Ready

I’m not sure if I was overwhelmed at the number of changes being recommended, or if I didn’t want to peek behind the curtain (aka. find out if my products were considered harmful), but I kept my focus on food. Food was a big enough undertaking – I could not be expected to do it all.

And changing my food was transformative.

Focusing on eating whole, nutrient-dense food was powerful and made significant improvements to my health. I’ve now been in remission for over a year, and I know nourishing my body has played a major role in my health outcomes.

Baby Steps

About 6 months after getting into remission from Graves’, I did finally start making some changes beyond food. As my household cleaners would run out, I would find a safer alternative. And, when I noticed my skincare products were starting to run low, I decided to look for better options.

Since making these small substitutions over the past 8 months, I continue to look for opportunities to incorporate new, effective products that I can feel better about using. And, I decided it’s okay to not make all these changes overnight.

Slow and Steady

I’m still working on improving my environment by evaluating what I bring into my home, what I put in my body, and what I put on my skin and hair. I feel good about the changes I’m making over time, and I prefer making deliberate choices slowly as opposed to either feeling bad that I haven’t changed enough or turning a blind eye and pretending none of this matters. It does matter, but you have to find a way to make improvements in a way that feels good to you and at a pace you can manage.

When it comes to making environmental changes, it’s about progress over perfection.

Helping Others

It was my health journey that inspired me to enroll in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program so I could gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and help others who are interested in making positive and individualized changes to their diet. I’m thrilled that I will have this avenue to serve others when I complete the program in the fall.

I also have learned so much from my experience swapping out personal care products that I’ve decided to join one of the companies whose products I have come to love – Beautycounter. They are a young company who care deeply about safer skincare for everyone. As a certified B-corporation, they are committed to advocacy and social responsibility, which is something I really respect. To learn more about why I was inspired to join and what they offer, have a look at my safer skincare page.